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54gene was founded in 2019 by Dr. Abasi Ene-Obong to address the significant gap in the global genomics market; Nearly 90% of genetic material used in pharmaceutical research is Caucasian. Only 2% is African, despite the fact that Africans and people of African ancestry are more genetically diverse than all other world populations combined. As a result, pharmaceutical research and development is lacking the diverse data that may hold the key to medical discoveries and new healthcare solutions.
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Abridge helps people stay on top of their health, one conversation at a time. We help people capture the details of their care so they can follow through on doctor’s recommendations and gain more peace of mind throughout their health journey. Our machine learning technology powers our ability to highlight key points and integrate insights that help people understand their care. To date, tens of thousands and people have used Abridge to capture the details of their care.
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Our mission is to enable positive action against climate change by leveraging nature’s most resilient members: microbes. But to accomplish this enormous task we need to find and design the right microbes and deliver them. Growing food is a source of 19% of annual GHG emissions, whereas production (such as cement and plastic) and transportation contribute 31% and 16%, respectively. These activities and emissions can be completely transformed with the right microbes performing specific tasks. Delivering microbes at the vast scale required to enable change has been unsolved. Until Andes.
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Azitra, Inc. is a preclinical stage biotechnology company harnessing the power of the microbiome to treat skin disease. The Company was founded in 2014 by scientists from Yale University and works with world-leading scientists in dermatology, microbiology, and genetic engineering to advance its programs in atopic dermatitis and targeted orphan indications.
Braid Health has built the first frictionless infrastructure for healthcare data and collaboration: FDA-cleared, secure, real-time, modality-agnostic, and AI-augmented. With products in areas of: 1) interoperability and care coordination for IDNs, providers, and patients; 2) collaboration for multidisciplinary conferences and tumor boards; 3) AI-supported radiology software and service; and 4) a reimagined data flywheel for clinical trials and Pharma R&D, our mission is the betterment of patient care.
Cella Farms is a start-up food-tech company that is pioneering microbial protein technology by fermenting grains to create nutritionally complete high protein flours. Our nutritionally complete flours deliver all 9 essential amino acids, a balanced nutrition and deliciousness in foods that we eat every day. Our plant-based food products are providing food choices to consumers to eat healthy and reducing consumption of meat and animal-based proteins in their diets. Our team is committed to developing new sustainable technologies to produce food that promote health and well-being of both people and planet.
Character Biosciences (formerly Clover Therapeutics) is a precision medicine platform that is unlocking the patterns of age-related diseases in people of diverse backgrounds. Our mission is to use human genetics to understand what drives diseases so we can discover targeted therapies to more effectively treat patients - many of whom lack any treatment options today. Character partners with patients, providers, payers, and scientists to create deeply-phenotyped patient cohorts to enable clinical genomic research. Our approach integrates genomics, longitudinal clinical and imaging data, machine learning, and novel experimental approaches to identify the molecular drivers of disease progression and develop innovative targeted medicines.
Checkerspot is a high performance materials company that designs materials at a molecular level. We exist because the world needs new materials designed to perform better but are also less toxic and safer for the environment, and can be biomanufactured at scale. Our Mission is to use the power of biotechnology to expand the palette of molecular building blocks for high performance and sustainable materials. Our Vision is to be the most impactful 21st century materials company by delivering unique, new technologies & materials into the hands of fabricators and designers, the makers that conceive the next generation of high performance products. We do this by optimizing natural microbes to biomanufacture unique structural oils discovered in nature, but not previously accessible commercially.
Circularis has used the power of circular RNA to develop a novel method to study and regulate gene expression. This technology has enabled increased bio-therapeutic production, improved targeting of gene therapy, and optimized expression in poorly studied organisms. The elegant design and high throughput nature of this technology enables breakthrough solutions without prior knowledge of the regulatory elements or coding sequence.
Debut Biotech is a biotechnology company that focuses on providing specialty enzyme solutions combined with continuous manufacturing. It combines the power of enzymes with continuous manufacturing to create and modify small and large molecules for a wide range of industries and applications.
Dimension Inx is the architect of regenerative microenvironments. Our materials give the body a blueprint to heal itself. We take a materials-centric approach to solving patient needs. By creating structures that emulate the body’s microenvironment, we elicit an immediate regenerative response. We design for biofunctionality and manufacturability. Our platform is highly adaptable and not limited to any single material. Our collaborative studio approach allows us to co-create a lasting advantage by partnering with leading product and R&D organizations. Contact us to accelerate the development of new regenerative solutions today.
Dyno Therapeutics is pioneering an artificial intelligence (AI) powered approach to gene therapy. Using machine learning and quantitative high-throughput in vivo experimentation, we are inventing new ways to design gene vectors with a focus on cell-targeting capsid proteins from adeno-associated virus (AAV), the most widely-used vector for gene therapies.
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